Electric Actuator Solutions for Tractors

Tractors have always been the backbone of farmlands, but as the agricultural industry continues to modernize, their role becomes even more crucial due to their unmatched versatility. They are the go-to farm machinery for a wide range of applications, including tilling, plowing,  planting, and handling materials like gravel, dirt, and manure, among others.

Their versatile nature makes tractors cost-efficient and time-saving, as they can perform various duties and reduce the need for additional manual labor. Furthermore, tractors' power and durability allow them to undertake heavy-duty tasks, all the while maintaining ease of transmission and smooth operation.

TiMOTION's industrial line of electric linear actuators and gear motors enhance the efficiency of tractors, allowing the user to activate mechanical movements easily, as well as adjust the equipment to their needs safely and effectively.

Powerful and Robust Operation

From pulling plows and other tillage equipment to lifting bales using front-mounted grapples, tractors face relentless challenges every day in the field. Powerful, robust, and durable, TiMOTION's industrial line of linear actuators is an ideal solution for tractors.


Their IP69K protection ensures they can withstand high-pressure water jets, as well as the ingress of dust and other solid contaminants, allowing them to operate under heavy loading at all times, even in extreme conditions.

Wide Range of Customization, Unmatched Flexibility

There are countless possibilities when it comes to the uses and types of tractors. That is why TiMOTION’s linear actuators are the perfect fit, as they offer a limitless range of customization that could satisfy all kinds of needs different tractors demand.

Furthermore, when equipped with TiMOTION actuators, operating tractors becomes safer and more convenient. With unmatched flexibility, TiMOTION actuators can be easily installed within the tractor cabin, adjusting the height of seats and controls, as well as the angle of rearview mirrors and windows, making the whole user experience more intuitive and comfortable.

Environmentally Friendly and Intelligent Solutions

Electric linear actuators are a compelling alternative to the traditional hydraulic cylinders that tractors are typically equipped with. Not only are they more environmentally friendly, but they can also be more intelligent, as demonstrated with TiMOTION's T-Smart actuators.

With an embedded driver board that facilitates smarter operation, TiMOTION T-Smart actuators can be smoothly integrated into systems using SAE J1939, the standardized communication protocol commonly used among off-road vehicles. The T-Smart functionality offers a simplified wiring process and comes with built-in safety mechanisms that ensure smooth and optimal performance.


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