Electric Actuator Solutions for Operating Tables

The operating room is one of the essential areas in any hospital. During surgery, the patient rests on an operating table, which allows the doctor to operate successfully. It is an auxiliary tool that supports the patient’s body by stabilizing posture and providing the best position during surgery. Electric actuators provide an operating table with a level of precision and control that surpasses traditional methods, allowing for seamless adjustments during surgical procedures. This not only enhances the surgeon's ability to achieve optimal patient positioning but also contributes to overall procedural efficiency.


In pursuing superior electric actuator solutions for operating tables, TiMOTION emerges as a beacon of expertise and reliability. As a world-leading manufacturer in the field, what sets TiMOTION apart is not just its technological prowess but also its dedication to customization. Each solution is tailored to meet the unique requirements of medical professionals and healthcare facilities, ensuring that the integration of electric linear actuation is seamless, efficient, and aligned with the highest standards of patient care.

Customized Solutions to Meet Your Requirements

For operating tables, TiMOTION offers comprehensive and adaptable solutions. Our offerings encompass a complete range of electric actuation systems, including linear actuators, lifting columns, gear motors, control boxes and controls, power supplies, and accessories.


Our electric linear actuators embody the core values of high quality, precision, minimal tolerance, and security, catering to the diverse needs of patients and medical staff. With a spectrum of customizable options, including:

  • load capacity
  • speed
  • retracted lengths and stroke
  • output signal alternatives

Furthermore, our electric linear actuators can be equipped with additional protection ratings to withstand high hygiene conditions and intensive cleaning with detergents.

Adaptable and User-Friendly Control Systems

Enhance your TiMOTION operating table systems by incorporating a versatile control box. Our customized software facilitates seamless synchronization of devices, providing memory and programming options that simplify and enhance equipment adjustments.


Operating our systems is a breeze with user-friendly controls. TiMOTION provides a diverse selection of medical hand controls, footswitches, and nursing panels, allowing you to choose components that align with your specific requirements. Designed with ergonomics in mind, these controls are easy to use, ensuring healthcare staff can make swift and straightforward adjustments to operating tables. The intuitive nature of our control systems guarantees a hassle-free experience, promoting efficiency and convenience in healthcare settings.

Ensuring Safety Excellence

Quality and safety are inseparable prerogatives of our activity that we wish to guarantee to our customers. Our Care Motion Line actuators are rigorously tested (EMC) and comply with the medical standards: IEC 60601-1, and IEC 60601-1-2, which define the safety and essential performance requirements applicable to electro-medical devices.


TiMOTION’s mission is to provide safe and reliable solutions that can be easily integrated into all healthcare applications. Our medical actuator series is designed and developed for the safety factor of 2 to ensure our medical actuators still move stability under unanticipated loads or operating conditions.


Contact our global team today to find the tailor-made solution for your operating table project!

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