Equipment automation, a new era for the elderly

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Increase in Elderly Population

The 21st century has been marked by an increase in the aging population. Improvements in healthcare, access to medicines, and the democratization of specialized medical institutions and specific facilities, have made it possible to increase life expectancy all over the world. As a result, older people's proportion in society has increased, with an expected acceleration in the coming years. By 2050, the world’s population will include 2 billion older people[i].

Everyone wants to age in good health and maintain the best quality of life for as long as possible. Automation is a major challenge for medical industries. It is necessary to rethink equipment for the elderly and their needs, allowing them to live more freely and independently.



Adapted equipment for more autonomy and freedom

Whether it is a question of medical institutions or home use, it is important to rethink the environment of senior citizens. Equipment that adapts to their physical abilities can counterbalance age-related disabilities, such as loss of mobility, and reduce the risk of falling or other domestic accidents.

One-third of senior citizens are affected by falls at home. Therefore, the objective is to provide more ergonomics, safety, and comfort, so that they can continue to carry out their daily tasks without difficulty. This reduces fatigue caused by tasks becoming tedious with age but also brings more serenity to people, who can move around their environment with confidence.



Ergonomics throughout the home thanks to electric actuators

Electric linear motion systems are ideal for equipping home furniture, making it more ergonomic, and allowing adjustment by a simple control in a fast and smooth way.


Ergonomics concerns all parts of the home:

  • Bedroom: A medical bed that has an adjustable height, headrest, and footrest, allowing patients to have an easier time getting up and sitting.
  • Bathroom: Electric actuators can be installed on toilets and sinks to make them height-adjustable and easy to use. Thus, it is possible to adapt these types of equipment according to users' morphology and mobility in complete safety. Ergonomic toilet devices allow the elderly to take care of their daily hygiene without assistance and preserve their privacy.
  • Kitchen: Variable height work surfaces or wall units allow autonomous cooking, adapting to individuals’ size and mobile capacity (including wheelchairs), and safe access to the necessary equipment.
  • Living room: Older people spend more time sitting, so it is important that they can benefit from safe and ergonomic equipment to avoid any discomfort or pain. A reclining and/or lifting chair with a leg-rest can help with sitting and lifting by providing more safety and comfort for users.



Electric linear actuators for home equipment

TiMOTION offers complete solutions to automate home equipment and make its use more ergonomic and comfortable. Thanks to their quiet system, our actuators integrate perfectly into environments requiring serenity. Their smooth movements allow a stable and safe actuation, ideal for providing more comfort to the elderly.


Electric actuation system for medical beds

With its compact design and 10000 N load capacity, our TA23 electric actuator is ideal for height adjustments. Also, it offers the possibility of integrating the control box directly into the actuator, which saves additional space in the installation. The TT1 twin spindle actuator is specially designed for home care and patient care facility beds and works for back and leg adjustment. Their Hall effect sensors allow feedback on position, bringing more comfort to the user. This solution doesn’t need an additional control box since it is directly integrated into the TT1, and can simply be adjusted with our ergonomic TMH15 hand control. It is also possible to add a bed bottom light with our TBL for more safety.


Electric actuation system for medical beds


Electric actuation system for adjustable toilets and sinks

The TA23 electric actuator is also suitable for adjusting toilet height. Its IP66W* rating makes it ideal for wet environments such as bathrooms. Combined with the TC26 control box, it can be operated by the TH26 hand control. The system can also be equipped with a TSS2 safety device that will protect equipment and people in case of impact.


For the adjustment of a sink, the TA5P electric actuator is ideal. It is particularly resistant and can push up to 6,000 N. It can be combined with the TC11 control box, the TDH5 hand control, and the TCS1 anti-collision sensor, which will bring more safety in case of impact with a foreign element.

*Washable according to TiMOTION standards


Electric actuation system for adjustable toilets and sinks


Electric actuation system for variable height worktops and furniture

Our TL10H electric column fits perfectly into kitchen worktops. Robust, stable, and quiet, it has a high load capacity and a modern design that can be easily integrated into a domestic environment. For variable height wall units, the TA38M electric actuator will be well-adapted. In addition, it can be equipped with Hall sensors allowing position feedback, and can be adapted to both furniture and kitchen hoods. Our solutions are used with the TC16P control box with anti-collision technology integrated, and the TDH6 design remote control, with memory options.


Electric actuation system for variable height worktops and furniture


Electric actuation system for recliners and lift chairs

The electric chair has at least 3 actuators to ensure optimal comfort. Our TA38M electric actuator is perfectly suited for backrest adjustment. Its compact design fits easily into small furniture. For the leg section, we prefer the TA43 electric actuator, which allows a smooth adjustment thanks to its fluid and silent system. For the lifting function, the TA29 electric actuator will be optimal due to its high load capacity. Our TC23 control box, which can support up to 4 actuators, allows the control of all the positions and our TFH22 hand control.


Electric actuation system for recliners and lift chairs


Today, taking care of our elders’ daily lives is a major challenge for society. TiMOTION electric actuators and columns automate home equipment and make it adjustable. Thus, senior citizens remain autonomous for longer and can enjoy a better quality of life by feeling safe in their environment. Our electrical solutions allow fluid and silent movements, adapted to this type of use, and make it an ideal alternative to hydraulic or pneumatic systems.


To learn more about our solutions for senior living equipment, contact your local sales department!

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