Electric Linear Actuators For Agricultural Equipment

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Robust and powerful linear motion systems for your agricultural applications. Our electric actuators withstand extreme environments and are easily integrated into modern agricultural machinery. Their high level of control and planning ability helps optimize the profitability of smart farms.


Electric actuation systems for agricultural equipment

The business of farming has been in a state of constant evolution in recent decades. Population growth and new consumer habits have created many challenges for farmers, who have had to modernize their machinery and automate their farms to meet demand. Today, the stakes are high in order to remain profitable and competitive. Not only must farmers meet ever-increasing production requirements, but they also must contend with economic and environmental constraints while preserving their safety and animal welfare.


Electric actuation systems for agricultural applications make a significant contribution to the automation of smart farms. With a high level of control and planning, they enable precision farming practices that limit losses and environmental impact and increase profitability.


By operating all kinds of linear motion and orientations in a synchronized manner, electric actuators for agricultural equipment control repetitive and time-consuming tasks for users. Thus, the automation of agricultural processes improves farm productivity and reduces the risk to human laborers.


TiMOTION’s industrial electric linear actuators are designed explicitly for agricultural activity. They withstand extreme conditions and environments exposed to humidity, mud, and bad weather. Their IP69K protection rating makes them compatible with high-pressure cleaning, which is common in agricultural machinery maintenance. They are robust and have a high load capacity of up to 10,000 N.


Some of our electric actuators for agricultural equipment come with an integrated control box that allows programming and synchronization of up to seven (7) actuators. This T-SMART feature is particularly attractive for complex agricultural actuation systems with limited installation space.

With a high level of precision and intelligent movement, electric actuators bring power and performance to your agricultural applications. 


Electric actuators for agricultural machinery

Electric linear actuators can be used on any agricultural vehicle. Balers, combines, seeders, sprayers, fertilizer spreaders, and tractors are all agricultural machines that an electric actuation system can automate. 

Electric actuators for modern agricultural machines can precisely operate spreading systems and spouts. The programmable opening systems allow the precise release of the desired amount of product and optimize profitability by reducing losses. Due to a high level of control, they can also operate agricultural wrappers, crop blades, and agricultural AGVs. 


AGVs are particularly appreciated in the context of more environmentally friendly agricultural practices. Automatically guided agricultural machines bring particular and personalized attention to each crop.  Thanks to electric actuators, they then deliver the adapted care to each plant, allowing the reduction or even the suppression of phytosanitary products harmful to the environment.

To learn more, see our article on electric linear actuators for agricultural AGVs.



Electric actuators for agricultural cabs

Electric actuators can also be used in the cabs of agricultural machines. Due to the difficulty of the tasks and the potential hazards of the machines, the farming profession poses a significant risk of workplace accidents. Ergonomics is, therefore, an essential aspect of modern agricultural machinery to optimize the safety of farmers.


By adjusting seats, steps, hoods, windows, and hatches in an automated way, electric actuators for agricultural cabs bring more comfort and safety to farmers and improve their working conditions.



Electric actuators for agricultural cabs


Electric actuators for farms

Electric actuation systems are also part of the modernization of farms. With a wide range of control and planning options, they allow the automation of various operations on the farm: precise dosing of feed, actuation of livestock or grain traps, control of opening and ventilation systems, etc.


Electric actuators keep farm buildings in optimal condition and preserve animal welfare and food quality. At the same time, by precisely controlling the dosage of products, they limit losses and optimize profitability.


See our dedicated article to learn more about electric linear actuators for opening and ventilation systems.


Smart farms equipped with electric actuators are becoming increasingly popular in the agricultural sector. By planning and automating specific repetitive and time-consuming tasks, farmers can gain speed and convenience. This allows them to improve the overall productivity of their operation and meet the demands of their business.


  • The VN1 electric actuator for agricultural ventilation systems can push up to 3,500 N. It has been specifically designed for windows, roof lights, and smoke vents. Its design with a rod end bearing or trunnion system makes it remarkably versatile and easy to install. It can be equipped with an optional window seal system for even more performance.


Electric actuators for farms


For farming, electric linear actuators are an excellent alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic systems. They are maintenance-free and require no intervention for installation or maintenance. They are easy to install and operate since they have no hoses or compressors. They do not have any risk of leakage and other inconveniences.


They can also be equipped with various position sensors allowing feedback and thus the synchronization of two devices. Compatible with most control systems, they will be easily integrated into your agricultural equipment.

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