Electric Actuator Solutions for Smoke Ventilation

In the event of fire, smoke inhalation is the most common cause of death and injury. That is why smoke ventilation systems are an indispensable safety measure. By exhausting smoke rapidly and efficiently, smoke ventilation systems preserve life and minimize property damage.

There are three main methods with which smoke ventilation systems maximize safety:

  • diverting smoke away from escape routes
  • facilitating fire-fighting operations
  • reducing the risk of fire spreading

Recognizing the critical role electric linear actuators play in smoke ventilation systems, TiMOTION specifically designed a variety of actuators for window opening, offering versatile and ideal solutions for this life-saving application.

Quick and Reliable Movement

Time is of the utmost essence when it comes to building fires. In the case of an emergency, TiMOTION electric linear actuators operate in swift and reliable movements, opening windows quickly to let in fresh air and drive lethal smoke out, giving building occupants improved visibility and more time to escape.

Low Maintenance, Enhanced Safety

The best-case scenario is that smoke ventilation systems are never utilized, but accidents do happen, and if a fire arises, they must be able to work swiftly and efficiently. Requiring little to no maintenance, TiMOTION actuators are always ready to bring out their optimal performance, no matter how long they were kept waiting. Safety is of paramount importance, which TiMOTION actuators are made to deliver.

Intelligent and Facilitated Control

Smoke ventilation works best with intelligent building management systems (IBMS). When a fire is detected, a control unit can send signals to actuators all over the building, opening vents to quickly extract harmful fumes. TiMOTION actuators can be easily incorporated into IBMS, facilitating intelligent control that is essential to saving lives and protecting property.

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