Electric Actuator Solutions for Office Desks

In the modern office landscape, height-adjustable desks have emerged as a transformative solution, redefining the way we work. The rationale behind the incorporation of these desks is rooted in the recognition that a one-size-fits-all approach is no longer adequate for promoting productivity and well-being among employees.


The advantages of height-adjustable desks are diverse and impactful. They primarily prioritize ergonomic health by enabling seamless transitions between sitting and standing, countering the negative effects of prolonged sitting. This versatility encourages higher energy levels, sharper focus, and overall improved health, resulting in enhanced work performance.


These height-adjustable office desks promote collaboration by erasing physical barriers, fostering impromptu discussions, and facilitating creative exchanges among colleagues. Furthermore, their inclusive design ensures the workspace is accessible to individuals with mobility limitations.


Choosing TiMOTION's height-adjustable desk solution elevates this concept to new heights. Our unwavering commitment to customization and quality guarantees seamless integration with the office's aesthetics and layout. With complete turnkey solutions and a comprehensive range of options, we effectively cater to unique needs, encompassing size, design, and features:

  • Height-adjustable desk frame kits: electric lifting columns, framing, and a seamless integrated control system
  • Linear actuators / Lifting columns
  • Control Boxes
  • Hand Controls
  • Accessories

Everything Required for Ergonomic Office Desks

TiMOTION takes pride in presenting an extensive array of electric height-adjustable office desk options designed to cater to the distinct requirements of various office desk applications:

  • Single leg Frame Kits: Dynamic and adaptable solutions ideal for personal mobile desks or lounge tables.
  • Two leg Frame Kits: Timeless solutions perfect for individual workstations.
  • Three leg Frame Kits: Versatile solutions suitable for executive desks or conference tables.
  • Face-to-face bench Frame Kits: Modular solutions designed for open-plan office setups.
  • Four leg Frame Kits: All-encompassing solutions ideal for executive desks or meeting tables.

With a vertically integrated business model, other than various types of desk frame kits, we offer highly customized options to fit various home interior design styles and lifting needs:

  • Colors
  • Dimensions
  • Styles of lifting columns, End Pipe, and Foot
  • Strokes
  • Speed and force
  • Software

Enhanced Advantages of Our Height-Adjustable Frame Kits

Among the  remarkable features that come with our height-adjustable frame kits are:

  • Easy assembly with recyclable packaging 
  • High strength and stability
  • Consistently smooth movements with soft start/stop  
  • Low noise ratings 
  • <0.1W standby power
  • Plug-and-play controls and accessories

Ensuring Quality and Safety

At TiMOTION, our unwavering dedication to quality and safety is paramount, and we prioritize these principles by providing unparalleled assurance to our valued customers. Our ergonomic desk solutions not only deliver seamless height-adjustable movements but also integrate critical safety considerations for everyday usage.

  • Anti-collision System - t-touch

Our Anti-collision system offers an added layer of security by automatically halting the electric height-adjustable desk upon contact with an external object or person. This intelligent feature significantly enhances the safety of your electric height-adjustable desk, effectively preventing potential user injuries or equipment damage.

  • Secure Safety Lock:

The safety lock function is designed to thwart unintentional or accidental adjustments, particularly concerning children. Users must activate the safety lock button before adjusting the desk's height, ensuring that it remains protected against unintended touches.

Productive Workspace Management: Introducing My Office Mate App

To enhance the efficiency and convenience of shared workspaces, TiMOTION introduces MOM - the My Office Mate App. With this innovative app, you can effortlessly reserve a desk or meeting room, no matter where you are. Upon check-in, customize your desk’s height seamlessly through the app, ensuring your preferred settings are always at your fingertips. Moreover, the app keeps track of valuable data and statistics for informed office planning. Leverage this insight to optimize your office layout, streamline maintenance, and witness the positive impact of sit-stand desks on your employees' well-being and productivity.


Find the tailor-made solution for your office desk project by contacting our global team today!

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