Electric Linear Actuators and Lifting Columns for Hospital Equipment

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Research and new technologies have significantly changed hospital structures in recent decades. Access to healthcare has become widely democratized, and hospitals admit more patients every year. This trend impacts hospital organizations and healthcare staff, who also must handle a growing number of patients and sometimes work 12-hour shifts or more.  


Regarding hospital workers’ mobilization and dedication, everyone must provide the necessary means to provide the best quality of care to patients while preserving their comfort, health, and well-being.


Electric motion systems for hospital equipment adjustment

As an electric linear actuator and lifting columns manufacturer, TiMOTION wishes to support the hospital sector by providing medically certified and proven linear motion systems. This is something we have been doing for more than 15 years.


Electric actuators and columns provide smooth and reliable movement for hospital equipment adjustment, allowing everyone to adopt an ergonomic and comfortable posture. Our goal? To improve the quality of life for both caregivers AND patients through equipment tailored to their specific needs.

Our electrical devices are suitable for all medical equipment types: hospital beds, nurse carts, medical tables, operating or examination tables, patient lifts, wheelchairs, and many others.


Adjustable medical equipment for healthcare workers and patients

Adjustable medical equipment allows healthcare workers safe patient access and the ability to handle the patient safely. Traffic around the patient is managed to allow for optimal and reassuring care. Thanks to the height adjustment, caregivers can adapt any piece of equipment to their size without difficulty and limit musculoskeletal disorders that could affect their health and work quality. Electric actuators make it possible to create functional environments and provide greater comfort in healthcare workers’ daily life.


The adjustment of this kind of equipment also brings more comfort and safety for patients. With smooth and fluid movements, patients can independently adjust their equipment to their needs. Adjustable equipment promotes accessibility and autonomy. This allows more freedom and comfort to the patient while also optimizing the healthcare worker’s time, who can then devote themselves to other tasks.


Electric linear actuators and lifting columns for hospital applications


Electric hospital beds

The majority of convalescent patients spend a large part of their hospital stay in their room and in bed. There they eat, rest, and receive an assortment of care and treatment from healthcare workers. Therefore, the beds require a great deal of versatility and must permit adjustment by both patients and caregivers.

TiMOTION offers a complete solution for a smooth and safe adjustment of hospital beds.


For height adjustment, the TA23 medical electric actuator is ideal due to its remarkable strength. Quiet, it offers a smooth and fluid movement that allows for safe height adjustment and helps the patient to get up or get in the bed.

The TA31 electric actuator is particularly suitable for adjusting the legs’ position and will allow the adoption of a more comfortable posture by raising them slightly.

The TA31QR electric actuator has a "Quick Release” function that allows the mechanism to be quickly disengaged. It is ideal for backrest adjustment and allows a quick reset in case of an emergency.

Various accessories will provide an even higher comfort and safety to medical equipment: TBL2 under-bed lighting, TNC call button, TEB emergency button, TPS pressure sensor, etc.

The TC21 control box will allow intelligent control of all devices and synchronization of mechanisms if required. All this can be easily controlled by the TH12 hand control, which offers an ergonomic and easy to use interface.


Electric actuators for hospital beds


TiMOTION also offers specific solutions for bariatric hospital beds. Click here for more information.


Adjustable nursing carts and medical side tables

Nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers use different types of medical carts to perform their duties. It allows all necessary medical equipment to be centralized and moved to ensure a smooth operation. It must also be functional for users.  Medical carts are generally used in a standing position. Therefore, it’s important to integrate a height adjustment system so that each user can adapt it to his or her height and adopt an ergonomic and comfortable posture.


The height adjustment of the medical side tables provides more comfort for patients. These tables are generally used for meals and must be adjustable according to the patient's position and medical situation.

To adjust medical carts and adjustable medical side tables, TiMOTION presents the TL27 lifting column. Strong, it can push up to 3,300 N. It is equipped with an AC outlet that connects with other electrical equipment (monitor, computer, telephone...) for even more versatility. It can be used with the TMH21 two-button hand control.

TiMOTION also offers an independent solution with the TL24 electric column in association with the TBB7 battery and the TC14 control box, which affords more freedom to users. This solution is easy to operate with the TFH13 hand control.


electric actuators for nursing equipment


Adjustable examination tables and surgical tables

Examination and surgical tables are the principal tools of doctors and require high precision to preserve patient safety. Operations often take several hours and are exceedingly stressful for healthcare workers. Surgeons and nurses must adopt an ergonomic and comfortable posture to safeguard their health and limit fatigue or muscular stiffness that could hinder their patient’s quality of care.

Examination and surgical tables can benefit from several adjustments and offer functionality and comfort to users.


To learn more about our solutions for medical tables, read our full article.


Electric patient lifts

In a hospital, the patient lift is an essential piece of equipment.  It allows healthcare workers to transfer patients with reduced mobility from one place to another in complete safety and provide them with appropriate care. The patient lifts’ electrical adjustment relieves medical staff of the need to handle patients manually and protects them from any risk of injury related to a load movement.

For height adjustment, the TA23 medical electric actuator is particularly suitable. With a load capacity of 10,000 N, it can safely handle patients of all body types. Also, its optional manual disengagement allows the patient to be lowered manually in a power failure event. The TA37 electric actuator can also be used for an even higher load capacity. 

For the adjustment of the base, TiMOTION offers the medical electric actuator TA29. It adapts to the distance between the feet according to the load and ensures optimal stability for totally safe handling.

The system can be combined with the TC12AC control box, which can support up to 3 devices. It has an AC outlet and a detachable battery making it ideal for moving. It allows the system to be connected to it and, therefore, to be used independently of any electrical outlet. Everything is easily controlled with the TMH3 hand control.


electric actuators for patient lifts


Adjustable wheelchairs

The wheelchair is an indispensable after-care device to provide more autonomy to patients with reduced mobility. The more functions and adjustable elements it has, the more freedom and comfort it offers users to accomplish their daily tasks.


To learn more about our solutions for electric wheelchairs, read our full article.


TiMOTION offers complete and customizable solutions for medical equipment. Our devices feature a sleek and understated design, which seamlessly blends into the hospital environment. They are specially designed to operate in a medical setting.  They can be equipped with an additional protection index to cope with high hygiene conditions and intensive cleaning with detergents.

Quality and safety are inseparable prerogatives of our business that we guarantee to our customers. Our devices are rigorously tested EMC and meet the European medical standards: EN IEC 60601-1 and EN IEC 60601-1-2 defining the safety and essential performance requirements for electro-medical devices.


To learn more about our hospital equipment solutions, contact your local sales department!

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