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Thank you for contacting TiMOTION.

TiMOTION is a manufacturer of various motion components, some of which have been incorporated into specific applications/products.


TiMOTION works exclusively with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Therefore, we do NOT stock, distribute, or sell any single-unit products.

For questions, replacements, or to purchase a single-unit component, it is REQUIRED that you contact the manufacturer of your specific application. Components are often covered under their warranty and may be available in stock for single-unit distribution. TiMOTION CAN NOT provide a warranty for any replacement or purchase since TiMOTION is NOT the direct manufacturer of the specific application/product.


Additionally, TiMOTION is NOT responsible for any defective equipment or device provided by the primary product’s manufacturer. The product manufacturer is responsible for diagnosing the root cause of any technical issue or failure and offering a replacement or purchase options covered in their product warranty.


Please contact your specific product manufacturer or location of purchase for further assistance.

TiMOTION Technology
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