Electric Actuator Solutions for Extractor Hoods

Extractor hoods are an essential component of every modern kitchen. They help remove smoke, odors, and excess heat produced during cooking. A well-designed and efficient extractor hood can significantly improve the indoor air quality of a kitchen and reduce the risk of respiratory problems. However, manually adjusting the position of an extractor hood can be cumbersome and in some cases, even dangerous. This is why many modern extractor hoods are now equipped with electric actuation systems.

One of the primary benefits of equipping extractor hoods with electric actuation systems is that it makes them much easier to use. Instead of having to manually adjust the position and speed of the hood, the user can simply press a button or use a remote control. This is particularly useful for people with mobility issues, as it eliminates the need for them to reach up and manually adjust the hood.

Another significant benefit of electric actuation systems is that they can improve the overall efficiency of the extractor hood. By adjusting the speed and position of the hood automatically, the electric actuation system can ensure that the hood is always working at the optimal level. This can help to reduce energy consumption, lower noise levels, and extend the lifespan of the extractor hood.

At TiMOTION, we specialize in developing and manufacturing high-quality electric actuation systems for a wide range of applications, including extractor hoods. Our solutions are designed to be durable, low-noise, and easy to integrate. We understand that extractor hoods are often subject to harsh conditions, such as high temperatures and exposure to grease and moisture. This is why we use high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure that our actuators are built to last.

Highly Customized Options for Your Extractor Hood Applications

TiMOTION understands that every extractor hood application is different:

  • Height-adjustable extractor hoods

  • Downdraft range hoods

  • Automated rangehood flap....

That's why we offer a wide range of options and configurations to meet the specific needs of each project: load capacity, speed, retracted lengths and strokes, attachments, and so on. Whether you need a compact actuator that can fit into a tight space or a high-speed actuator that can quickly adjust the position of the hood, we can help.

Low Noise for Quality Life

We understand the importance of providing quiet systems to preserve residents’ comfort. Nobody wants a noisy extractor hood interrupting their conversation or disturbing their peace.


Our linear actuators are engineered to minimize noise levels, even when operating at high speeds. TiMOTION electric actuator solutions of extractor hoods provide smooth movement, ideal for domestic use. They are also able to support heavy loads and can safely be adjusted by a simple control system.

Easy to Integrate

Another key advantage of TiMOTION's electric actuation systems for extractor hoods is that they are compact and designed to be easy to integrate, which helps to streamline the design and manufacturing process for extractor hoods. This means that they can be seamlessly incorporated into the design of a new extractor hood or retrofitted into an existing one.

Contact our global team today to find the tailor-made solution for your extractor hood project!

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