Electric Actuator Solutions for Sun Shading Louvers

Climate change has become one of the gravest global issues in the last few decades, and scientists all over the world have been trying to find new ways to tackle this serious problem. Sun shading systems are a great ally in this important fight, as they provide the following benefits:

  • lowered room temperature and reduced energy use;
  • flexible protection from ultraviolet rays;
  •  enhanced indoor comfort and stimulated productivity.

With TiMOTION electric linear actuators, the overall performance of a sun shading system is further enhanced. By incorporating TiMOTION actuators into existing sun-shading louver systems, sunshines all over the building can be implemented simultaneously through one single command, turning overheated rooms into shaded oases.

Reliable, Weather-Resistant Solutions

Sun shadings often work on the exterior of buildings, adjusting their angles according to the ever-changing weather and varying demands. Having an IP rating of up to IP69K, TiMOTION actuators can withstand versatile climate challenges, guaranteed to operate smoothly and effectively in any conditions.

Limitless Customization, Incredible Flexibility

TiMOTION electric linear actuators are an ideal choice for sun shading applications. Offering a wide range of customizable options that include stroke, retracted length, attachments, and so on, TiMOTION actuators can satisfy the needs of different sun shading systems and constantly operate with great efficiency.

Simple Installation, Minimized Maintenance

Simple to install, TiMOTION actuators can be easily integrated into all kinds of existing structures and will start working in no time. Moreover, TiMOTION actuators require little to no maintenance, ensuring that sun shading systems will always perform smoothly, giving inhabitants maximized comfort no matter the time of year.

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